Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 2

I have to admit that I have had mixed reviews so far on my journey. I have some saying “way to go” and “go for it” and others who have said “gee, that’s awfully hard to do” and “don’t you think that that’s too big of a change?” Well, who knows? Maybe I will fail. Maybe I will succeed beyond my expectations. I can only give it a try.
I didn’t think I would succumb to the quick meal so fast, but seeing as David and I both had a late lunch and were not hungry…I fell back on the old standards for now for the kids. Besides, l already said that I wasn’t supermom.  And there are the old foods to use up first. So, that being said, dinner went as such – leftovers for David and I (when we eventually got hungry) and ramen and chicken tenders for the kids. I do want to clarify however that the chicken tenders are preservative free (I read the packaging closely) and overall not too bad. Not great mind you, but not really really bad either.
For lunch, well I didn’t go entirely preservative free, but I didn’t go hog wild on the preservatives either. The kids had ham and turkey sandwiches, not on homemade bread however, organic grapes, and steamed veggies (except that Joseph insisted on only raw carrots, organic). I have to admit my doubts about being able to provide a fresh loaf of bread for all of the school lunches I will be packing. We will see as the year gets underway. In fact, I may modify my journal a bit to dinners seeing as once the school year gets underway, the kids and my husband both will be provided packed lunches (filled by myself of course) and I will be lunching alone.
As I continue my journey, there will be modifications made, some good, some bad. We will just have to let the chips fall where they may.
Bon  Appetite Mes Amis!

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