Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 1 : And so it begins

My Disclaimer
Well, it’s the start of new week and so I begin my venture into a preservative free meal lifestyle. Seeing that I am most likely ADHD and prone to get really excited about things and then fizzle out about halfway in, I am not setting any sort of year deadline or what-not. We will just see how far I go with this. Of course, there will always be some slip-ups, some overlooks, and oops occurrences but that is expected with two children and an ADHD mom. There are just some things that the kids want for lunch and I am willing to make…i.e. Ruth’s favorite ramen mix. Also, sometimes I just like a good fast meal. I will blog all of my mistakes too, just to be honest and also show that I’m human and not super mom.  I will try my best to pre-make things and freeze them just so I can have a fast meal available. I also am fully aware that to go organic is best, and I will when I can, but financially this is not doable for me on a regular basis. I figure that if I am going preservative free, that is a pretty good choice for my family and myself. There are also some things that I can’t, won’t and just truly unable to make that will have to be premade like cheeses, mustard, ketchup, yoghurt, etc.  So those who feel that I haven’t truly gone preservative free are entitled to their own opinions.
So, now that my so called disclaimer is set forth on to the experiment.
Today I will start off with making some homemade bread…if we get back from the zoo with high spirits and gung-ho still intact. And as it is most nights, dinner will be made ala chez Keffer.  Now, not so true to my blog start tonight I will make falafels with a yoghurt-cucumber sauce. The falafels will come from a box mix instead of making fresh from chickpeas and spices yet also in my defense I want to use up what is in the cupboards first so as not to waste what is here. I realize that I am not going entirely preservative free yet, but come on…no need to throw everything away and start fresh. That is just too costly and in my humble opinion too wasteful. If I really feel super mom, I will also make some tahini, but that depends also if the sesame paste is not too hard to mix back into a useable consistency. If not, David will just have to be satisfied with what he gets.  I know that I have left out lunch, but hey…I can’t think of that yet. We have a zoo to go to.

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